Hajduszoboszló is situated in the north-eastern part of the Alföld in the neighborhood of Hortobágy, 200 kms from Budapest, 20 from Debrecen. The city is easily reachable on the #4 main road, or by train on the Debrecen-Nyiregyháza-Záhony line. It can also be reached on highway, the M3.

The city named Hajduszoboszló was founded on 2. september, 1606.. The land had been inhabited from the age of the migration. But that city was destroxed twice: first by the mongols, than by the turks. The thermal water was found in 1925, by Pávai Vajna Ferenc. He was searching for oil, but 1000m deep he found the 75degree hot water. It contains minerals that treats many problems. The water is said to be one of the bests in Europe. The thermalbath were renowated few years ago, and is now is in wery good conditions. The lately build Aquapark and the new Aqua palace (Aqua Magic) awaits eweryone. With theese, the bath is the biggest in Central-Europe.